Sustainable Features of this Home

Sustainable Features of this Home

Rammed earth walls with R40 insulation
Passive solar heat gain
Passive cooling
Stack cooling
Cross flow ventilation
High efficiency mechanical ventilation system (HRV)
Solar hot water
Green roof
Natural and reclaimed materials

About the Architect

LineBox is a fully licensed Toronto and Ottawa based architectural firm that provides a fresh and progressive outlook on how people live, work and play in the architectural context.


As an Architect I understand design as a cultural act which engages our everyday experiences and brings together individuals with their built environment.  Our design philosophy is grounded in a basic conviction and fundamental belief that great architecture is less about style and more about discovery.  This belief is what drives our relentless pursuit of connecting client needs and desires, project budget, context, and artistic expression into a truly unique sense of place.  LineBox is a small collaborative design studio that is interested in all project types regardless of size and budget.  Unlike large corporate firms our clients benefit from having direct access to the principal of the firm throughout the entire project.

“As designers of the built environment, it is our goal to bring our clients unique concepts in how they inhabit and experience space.” – Andrew Reeves


Sustainable design is the practice of designing physical objects and the built environment to comply with economic, social, and ecological consciousness. By this we mean integrating living spaces with the natural environment in a harmonic way. We identify and utilize the specific characteristics of the land in each design in order to ensure the home is well suited to its surroundings.  In every project we look to incorporate sustainable elements to the extent that the client wishes to do so.  We look to optimize key success factors of sustainable design including: passive heating and cooling, reclaimed materials, green roofs, geothermal heating / cooling and harnessing all the natural energies in the environment.