Sustainable Features of this Home

Sustainable Features of this Home

Rammed earth walls with R40 insulation
Passive solar heat gain
Passive cooling
Stack cooling
Cross flow ventilation
High efficiency mechanical ventilation system (HRV)
Solar hot water
Green roof
Natural and reclaimed materials

The Site

Client - Site Info
  • Location - 10 minutes west of Huntsville, Ontario in a small subdivision of 2 to 5 acre bush lots.
  • Reason for Purchase - The three main attractions of this lot were; cost, south exposure, interesting terrain.
  • Topography - The site is a 3.5 acre bush lot with a south facing hill. It has a natural granite ridge that separates the main building site from the entrance level and offers shelter from all sides, especially the north.

Architect - Siting the House

The location of the building site was chosen for a number of reasons;

  • The first was the south exposure and elevated view (natural contours of the site).
  • The second was the proximity to services (reduce costs to run new lines).
  • The third was for the topography, the way it sits the site provided an opportunity to do something architecturally interesting with the site. There is a major change in grade (cliff like) vain that runs through the site. We felt there could be an interesting opportunity to "bridge" the two major Plato's by splitting the home into two major forms. Placing the home on both levels and could all but eliminate the need for excess excavation / alterations to the natural contours of the site
  • Architectural another interesting element that influenced the siting of the building was its relationship to the tree lined lane way that would approach perpendicular to the main facade of the house . This offers a long and gradual view of the entire front facade during your initial approach and also offers an ability to showcase the rammed earth walls will be the core of this home.

Below is a sketch of the property and the proposed sitting of the home in response to all the factors that play a part and have an impact on the home. The proposed location takes advantage of what the site and nature has to offer while also trying to achieve the clients vision and objectives.

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