Sustainable Features of this Home

Sustainable Features of this Home

Rammed earth walls with R40 insulation
Passive solar heat gain
Passive cooling
Stack cooling
Cross flow ventilation
High efficiency mechanical ventilation system (HRV)
Solar hot water
Green roof
Natural and reclaimed materials

The Natrual Impacts

Above is the land that was purchased by our clients. Some major natural elements that will impact our design are; The sun path (solar gains in the winter), the major change in grade / large rock formation that splits the site in half and the existing trees / vegetation that we want to preserve. We shaded what we feel is a "buildable area" that responds to the natural elements of the site and is the least impactfull to the site itself. We will work within this imaginary boundary as we properly orientate, play with the massing, layout the program and site the building in hopes to respond to everything that impacts the design. (Client, Environment, Sustainability, Zoning, Budget, Site ect.)

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